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OK. I made a promise. This week, I said that I would share some of my artwork. You know, this “assignment” that I gave myself ended up taking up a lot of space in my mind this week! I tried several times to take some decent pictures of my work – (easier said than done!) Hats off to those artists online who are actually getting decent pictures of your artwork. So anyways, here goes…

I am sharing three pieces today. The first one is one that I did several years ago. My sister (the blogger who writes Jackie’s Tesserae) came for a visit once and told me about these houses that you can create and so we made one. Two, actually. But *I* made one. A big accomplishment for me. I made it for my daughter and it turned out pretty decent but the pictures I take of it never quite capture it very well. It is difficult to photograph. She was just starting school then and so I put my own kindergarten picture in it (bottom left) and put the words “school” in there for her. It was a fun project and probably the start of my love of collage, which really began around that time.

As I have said before, I love collage. It is perfect for me because I can really mess a piece up and still salvage it by putting something on top of it. I am somewhat of a Type A personality, so for me to spend a bunch of time on a piece that I end up disliking is a real waste. Without collage’s forgiving nature, I am not sure if I could stand to create stuff.

The second piece is one that my daughter did yesterday. My daughter has a project due in school where she was asked to make a family crest (shield) and so I traced out the shield shape and cut it into four parts and we worked together to collage the parts. We only got two done last night, but the one in the photo is her section on Disney World, since it is one of her favorite places. I thought it turned out really good and she did most of it. All I did was offer her some direction and show her how to lay the background and use the modge podge. The little eyes in the lower right corner were totally her idea (I was against using so many eyes and wasting it…) but I like how it turned out. She said that there were lots of eyes at Disney World. (She’s 7. Don’t you just love how they think as children?) We haven’t cut it down to the shield shape yet. That is our next project. She also started one section on Nature, but it is not very far yet.

My last photo is what I worked on while my daughter was working on the family crest. It is just a little plaque. Kinda fun. Its not really done yet, but I wanted to get this out today so I took some photos of it.

NOTE: You can click on the photos to see them in a larger view.


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This is my 11th blog. I have been faithfully posting them weekly. I must admit that I write them at different times throughout the week, but I always post them on Wednesday mornings. Today is Monday but this is the longest I’ve left it til writing the next one. The next one is due out in about a day. Perhaps I will write two or more of them this week to catch up.

When I started this thing, I felt a little apprehensive of committing myself to a weekly blog, but as I read other blogs I understand that my weekly span is a little on the light side. Some people blog daily or at least do several a week! (Where am I going with this, I might ask myself… nowhere, really… except to say that it is not easy. And I am pretty new at this.)

That is NOT to say that I don’t think of a million things to write as I am driving, brushing my teeth, cooking dinner, etc. I even have a battered up piece of paper in my work bag that has some ideas of things to write about. But today, perhaps, I am paying homage to those without words.

I did eventually buy that magazine called Artful Blogging that I referenced in the last post. In fact, I not only bought it but I read it cover to cover. I loved it. Not only (and mostly) for the inspiring artists and wonderful photographs posted within it but the flavor of the people they picked. Such dear people. Almost all of them said how much they loved their comments and how they got to know so many incredible people through their blog and through their art and most of them had used their blog to demonstrate their talents to the world. I love that.

So here I will make another (deep breath) commitment to you, dear reader, whomever you are.. my NEXT post will contain a photo or two of MY art. I did say (in my last post) that I wanted to be artful and, in considering that and after reading the Artful Blogging magazine, I realized that I already am…. just a little. So I will share a bit. Just a bit cause that is all there is at the moment. But what fun is that, huh? So don’t lose that station… come back next Wednesday to see my art. And thanks for listening. I would love to hear from you if you are paying any attention to my drivel. Add a comment and introduce yourself. Or, if you’re shy just send me an email at amyjewell@cirkla.com.

Til then!

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OK, so this may seem a repeat of one of my previous posts, but it really is more of a P.S.

My sister Jackie, a constant artistic inspiration to me, told me about a magazine called “Artful Blogging”. Jackie is one of these people who always has a wonderful stash of great art and scrapbooking books and magazines in her living room. So when she tells me about this magazine, I know it is a good one and Jackie was the one who first inspired me to blog. So I went to the bookstore and was astounded to find that this “magazine” costs $15. Yikes. So I did my usual cheapie thing and responded with the idea to go online to their website and check it out instead. I should have known that a magazine about blogging would be smart enough not to give away the store. The website doesn’t do the BOOK justice, so I may go back and get it anyways. Here is the link to the website and how to order the book (OK, “magazine”).

Artful Blogging

So what is my point? I want to be artful. I want a blog like the beauties in that book and like so many of the wonderful blogs that I highlight on my creative arts blog link page. Why can’t I be them? And while I am at it, why can’t I have a beautiful garden too? In my mind, I have fantastic taste and artfulness. Where does it go between brain and manifestation? I have a half collaged desk sitting in my living room, so I know that I have a start at least. I love being inspired by these people. They bring such a gift to the world by inspiring us all.

If you want to read my sister’s blog, it is called Jackie’s Tesserae and it is the first one featured on my creative arts blog link page, so check it out. She and I both will catch you later with our new magazines.

LATER… I did go out and buy that magazine. It has been such a joy reading about all of the wonderful people who create these blogs. I will post some of their blogs on my creative arts blog link page for you all to check them out.

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I live near a very big lake and I live on the opposite side of the lake from where I work, so much of my commuting time is spent driving around this big lake. When I first moved out to my lakeside community, I thought that my ability to “see” the lake would dwindle over time, but thankfully it has not. Every day, I drive around that lake and see its changing personality. It is as if the lake has moods, just like people. My favorite days, of course, are when the sun is shining brightly and my view catches the light just right so that I can see the reflections of the rays on top of the water. I love that. I also love the mornings when the weather is changing and the lake sort of moans with a wispy fog and quiet tone, as if to grumble about the changes in the temperature.


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