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Wow. The internet is an amazing thing! We have been very busy this weekend finishing off adding the rest of the Cirkla Directory members to my StumbleUpon favorites. Between me and Eric, my fiance, I think that we are just going to take the social networking & internet marketing world by storm! How deliciously fun!


Photo taken by Dave-F on Flickr

Last night we watched some videos by Chris Brogan that made me want to blog again. (Watch the one with the panel of speakers about blogging.) I actually “met” Chris on Twitter, (if you can call that meeting!) and then Eric discovered him during a recruiter’s conference where he is avidly learning more about the huge and wonderful field of social networking as well. Eric didn’t know that I knew who Chris was, so it was kinda funny – but we certainly enjoyed watching his stuff. Eric and I love trying to learn things that the other one doesn’t know yet. I would say that we are about evenly matched on social networking, but we both still have a ton to learn!

Learning this stuff is definitely a meandering kinda thing. I am like a magpie, easily distracted by beautiful and fascinating things. The internet offers plenty of that! Today I discovered how to add links and fun stuff to my right side bar on this blog, so I added a bunch of links and pages for you to discover. (Look at the right panel of this page.) If you have not had a chance to check out our Cirkla Community page on Cirkla, the “My Networks” list is somewhat like that except that it is just me. (If you go to the Cirkla Community page, there are a LOT of people to find!) But if you like my stuff, just click and follow me on whatever social networks you belong to. I always love connecting with new people.

That said, I really want to write about how I use the various networks to market our business. I am learning so many cool and wonderful things of how to bring more visitors in for our lovely Directory members. It is great stuff! Stay tuned on my B2B Networking Page for more information on that. You can go there and read some interesting articles on social networking right now if you like. You can even register on my site and add your own two cents if you are an expert in the field. It would be great to have your input. That is what it is all about, isn’t it?

I was thinking that I may make a page on my NetVibes, which I hardly ever use anymore that just lists the sites of our Cirkla DIrectory members. That would be fun. I must say, going to each of their sites and learning about their business is what makes this business FUN for me. There are some that I have not even met, but I feel that I know them because of reading about them on their wonderful sites.

Another cool thing that happened this week is that I got invited to speak at the upcoming Healthy Life Expo in Minneapolis at the end of January. I am speaking on a panel entitled “Healthy Mind”. I am really excited about it. It will be great to meet some new people too, so if you live anywhere near Minneapolis, MN, stop in at the expo and come and meet me! If you pre-register, you get into the expo for free and the panel talk is free with admission. This town is a really great place for this kinda thing.

Speaking of great things happening, what is happening in your area? Let us know on our Cirkla Calendar. If you don’t know what is happening in your area and you want to find out what is going on – check out the calendar to see if anyone near you has posted anything. You might be surprised.

Well, I have to go and spend some quality time with my fiance that is not sitting at a computer! Have a great weekend, everybody!


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It’s been a crazy week! I’ve been wanting to write about my visit to the Edge Life Expo in Minneapolis, MN. Normally I would go to this kind of a show on Saturday, but the weekend got away on us and we ended up going on Sunday. Next time I will go on Saturday. Not that there was anything wrong with Sunday, but I missed a lot of good speakers on Saturday! Just about everyone spoke on Saturday. So we just did what we went there to do – meet people!

We are developing a pattern for visiting these shows. There were a lot of them this month in our town – Fall seems to be the time for these types of shows! So we normally survey the room first. We don’t stop at any of the booths, we just scan through the room and see what looks interesting. It was fun to see some familiar faces!
Me & Jennifer Salness
The last booth we came to was the Crystalline Light booth with Jennifer Salness, so we stopped to talk to Jennifer and take a picture. We met Kathy Benning, who shares office space with Jennifer and we also met THE AMETHYST BIOMAT. To quote Jennifer’s own words on this one – “basically its 30 lbs of amethyst and far infra-red heat, is used for relaxation, detox (physical, emotional, energetic), and kind of bumping up to another level on all levels”. As I was standing there talking with Jennifer, my hand was resting on this mat on top of a massage table and it was so warm and snuggly I just wanted to crawl on top of it! It reminded me of a table that my Mom has that actually DOES the massaging, but isn’t a live person just so much better? They use this mat in their healing work. Like many healers, Jennifer and Kathy both combine a host of different healing modalities when they work on people. Jennifer also works with Joan Turck to bring us another great expo, the Whispers of Spirit Expo. See my previous post for more info on that show.

We didn’t stop at many booths this time. We spent a lot of time at just a few of them. One person that we saw again was Lisa Severson, with her Living Love Ministries. Lisa has started creating interesting events for you in your home. So many people don’t want to drive anywhere. She does the driving! She offers House Warmings, Couples Nights, Rites of Passage and other events.

We also talked with Judith Froemming. Judith primarily works with hypnosis, but she has designed a creative course called “How to Become a Formerly Serious Person”, which goes way beyond typical therapy! She also mentioned that she has been working some with corporations, so I told her about Paula Quinlan from Amazon Herbs & Paula Quinlan Consulting. Paula is also looking to do some work in corporations. That seems to be a growing trend. If you are thinking of getting into corporations, some other good people to connect with are Lori Palm and Wes Hamilton of Core Passion. Lori has an event coming up on Saturday, November 22nd, in Minneapolis where you can learn techniques for moving from ideas to action. Lori has been working in corporations for a long time and is a very enthusiastic and motivating speaker.

We also stopped at the “Raising the Consciousness” booth, which was manned (or in this case, also wo-manned) by Colleen Buckman, Susan Shehata and Keith Helke. These three are the collaborative team behind this new fun radio show called “Raising the Consciousness” that is very very new (just like us!) You can find them either online or, in the Twin Cities area they are on AM950 KTNF on Sundays at 1 PM.

We visited a bit with Paula Quinlan. Paula does some work with looking at blood cells to see the patterns in them to indicate your level of health. She will be having a Holiday Rainforest Open House on Sunday, December 7th from 1:30 – 5:30 PM. I am going to try and make it so I hope to see you there if you live in the area and are curious about this event. Contact Paula for more information – or maybe Paula will post it on the Cirkla Calendar? (Always a good idea if you have an event coming up – no matter where you live!)

There were a few people there that I wanted to meet but didn’t. Let me just say who they were…RavenHawke (Penny), Jodi Menke and Cathy from Edge Life! (They are all registered on Cirkla and were all at the show, but I haven’t met them yet!) Maybe next time! I hope that I didn’t miss anyone! Oh yes, and John the PsyGuy was busy as usual with readers each time we went by!
Frank Demonstrating the Tibetan Singing Bowl
We did meet Diana and Frank from Wind Water Harmony. In fact, there is a funny story with that one! We had stopped to look at a Tibetan Singing Bowl that Frank and Diana had brought back from their travels to Tibet. It was a very special bowl, and I knew immediately that it was the perfect Christmas gift for Eric. (He is one of those “impossible to buy for” guys..) So I was pretty excited to spot this gift and worked secretly with Diana to pay for it and work out some pickup arrangements without them noticing. So we hung out for a while, and after playing with it for quite some time, Eric said to Frank, “I want to buy it.”
Tatia Trying the Bowl
“No!” I shouted, a little embarrassed but still wanting to maintain the surprise. “You can’t.” All I could say was “You can’t” without an explanation, which was pretty obvious and useless. Now I was really embarrassed because poor Frank was in the middle of it and by now Eric knew that something was up because I would never do that. So the gig was up. Eric knows what I am getting him for Christmas… ah well! And they wrapped it in a big pink chiffon bag so Eric got to carry it out. That was fun. It is a very special bowl and we all can’t wait to play with it! Unfortunately, we got the last one of the big ones but you can check with Diana and Frank if you want to find out more about them. It would make a great Christmas present!

Closeup of the Singing Bowl

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Yeah! Twenty posts!

I know that some of you are pretty good at writing a blog and have been doing it a long time. You may have chuckled a bit at my “twenty posts” title, but that is actually quite a feat for me!

I’ve always loved writing. In high school, I used to sit in the hallway with our TYPEWRITER (since we did not have a PC in our home at that time). I would type out poems and poems about love and all sorts of “teenage angst” kind of things. I also used to journal at that time. Throughout the years, I’ve generated boxes and boxes of journals, (many half-filled) to uncover my need to write. Now I have this blog…. and twenty posts. Way more space efficient!

This morning, as my daughter was getting out of the car to go to school (then off to her Dad’s house for five days.. sniff!) I told her that we should start a blog for her. She is in second grade and she loves to make up stuff. I will be sure and post a link to it once we do it. Kids these days! They grow up on this stuff! It is so cool. I wish I had this stuff when I was growing up.

So this weekend was a biggie for our little fledgling company. The Edge Life Expo was this weekend. There have been a lot of shows this month, as you will have noticed if you read my blog regularly. I’ve been doing this partly because this is the month that I finally was able to start publicly talking up our website, Cirkla, but also because all of the shows seem to be during the month of October (and early November). We even totally missed the Midtown Yoga Festival, which was also this weekend.

So, if you’ve been following my blog, you know that I have been writing up these shows. There are an ever increasing amount of people at the shows that are in our new Cirkla Directory and some who are just registered on our site. It is always good to get a face with a name! For those of us who are conscious of energy – to get a sense of someone by meeting them in person. It helps. As a primarily “internet based business”, this is sometimes rather impossible, so I feel fortunate that I get to at least meet some of them.

I felt bad for the ones that are NOT in our town that I haven’t gotten to meet, so I have started a project to help them get noticed as well. I have started adding each of the websites for all of our Cirkla Directory members to my StumbleUpon profile! This is a fun project, because it forces me to take a good look at their website and get familiar with who they really are as a business and, often times as a person. Then, I write a few lines about their site and post it. It is fun. Be sure and check that out and if you connect with them, tell them that I sent you! I only just started that project, so if you are listed in our Cirkla Directory and I haven’t posted your site yet… stay tuned!

One of the things that I have most enjoyed about creating this website is meeting such extraordinary people. I could just make up stuff about people and put it out there, but I really don’t have to because they are tremendously interesting to begin with! lol… but let me save that for my next post. In my next post, I am going to talk about the people from the Edge Life Expo 2008!

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I was talking with a friend the other day about this woman that we mutually know. I had been on his website and saw a link to her website, thought the name sounded familiar and followed her link and sure enough, I knew her too! So I mentioned this to him that I knew this woman. Now, you have to understand that the website that she had was quite different from the way that I knew her. I knew her as an intuitive. He knew her as a marketing businesswoman. As I shared this information, I soon realized that he did not know anything about that side of her and I paused a moment. It reminded me of my first blog when I wrote about The Safety of the Surface and how people tend to shy away from certain metaphysical topics when they are in a business setting or in unfamiliar territory. I also felt that I may have somehow “outed” her unknowingly. As it turns out, the person I was talking to was intrigued by this new information. It added a new dimension to her personality for him.

I tell this story because it brought up an interesting point that has often been discussed amongst people who deal with a metaphysical business. My website, Cirkla, is a directory of businesses that range from chiropractors and Traditional Chinese Medicine to psychics and animal communicators. I even had a request the other day to add the topic of Animal Reiki. That is quite a range of business models! I also had a request last night for allowing businesses that are more traditional, like lawyers and real estate agents who are interested in metaphysical topics and so they want to be included so that they can open themselves to that market. On the other side of the coin, there are businesses that would shy away from listing in such a directory to avoid the stigma that such a range of businesses may attract. It is inevitable. I understand both sides of the picture. When you have a business that deals primarily in the corporate business world, it is a matter of survival to lean to the more conservative side. When I started my first business, we designed a deck of savings cards for businesses in the metaphysical community. As I was gathering the list of businesses to include in the card pack, I would often get asked what other types of businesses would be included in the packs. One particular person was very insistent that I should NOT include “readers and such”, which he felt would somehow diminish the professionalism of the project.

I decided not to listen to that. That conversation set a precedence for my own business model from that day forward. Although I do sometimes meet people who I feel are a bit odd and “out there” for my tastes, I believe that we need to be open and accepting of all varieties in order to expand our own awareness of life on this planet, in this current reality. At some point in time (in the no-so-distant past), it was highly “unacceptable” for someone to have a massage therapy practice in this country! What would have happened if we had listened to that and had never challenged it? Where would we be now? These days, massage therapy is a very common practice and has lost the stigma that it used to carry before people understood it – THANK GOD!

I have not spoken to our mutual friend yet so I don’t really know what she was thinking or doing, but I know that there are a lot of businesses and people out there that feel much more comfortable staying in the safety of not talking about their interests in the metaphysical. For some people, that topic is just too uncomfortable. I just hope that it will change someday. Bit by bit, it IS changing.

Amy Jewell is the owner of Cirkla, a business directory and online community for the body, mind, spirit and the planet! Visit us at http://www.cirkla.com!

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OK, I missed the memo for the last 10 years or so, but I finally did attend the Barebones Halloween Show, a free show that is playing TONIGHT AT DUSK for the last time (this year) at Hidden Falls Park on the East Side of the Mississippi River near Ford Parkway…

Not sure what tonight’s performance will be like, but last night we went and it was really cool. First of all, it was OUTDOORS – so if you are thinking of taking a last minute jaunt (Local Minnesotans need only apply) to get out tonight and do something fun, make sure that you dress appropriately so you can enjoy it. One guy last night had a t-shirt on… come on… a t-shirt?! What was he thinking? I had, for once, thought ahead enough to bring a blanket, mits, hat and warm clothes and I was SO glad I did. And it really was pretty nice out last night.

Let me just say this… if you are looking for a PLAY that has a story to it, you may as well stay home with your warm little blanket on the sofa. The story was kinda hard to follow. It was more enjoyable thinking of it like you were going to the Walker Art Museum and looking at it from an artistic perspective, which was pretty cool. For the majority of the performance, you are seated on these hay bales… yes, hay bales for seating. Lots and lots and lots of hay bales. So it is FLAT. Not necessarily ideal for performance viewing if you are sitting about in the middle! But they had that handled. The performance actually takes place from all sides. They use light and fire (because it is dark outside too, by the way!) and they were very creative in the puppetry, which is really their big thing. The fire stuff was cool, too.

My favorite part was afterwards, though. Since it was pitch black outside, they had lights strung everywhere and somehow they had pulled together a full band to generate swing music and all of the wonderfully costumed people were moving together in the dark! Basically, an outdoors dance in the dark! Totally cool. They also were giving out very hot soup. No, they weren’t selling soup. They were giving out soup. I don’t think that I have ever seen that before. It was really neat and added to the community feeling of the whole thing. They also had two bonfires going where you could warm your hands if you had forgotten your gloves. All in all, I really enjoyed this event! Kudos to the people at the Barebones Theater for putting this together for everyone!

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