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Sometime last week, a “Meetup Reminder” appeared in my inbox. It said that there was a free Mini Health & Wellness Expo happening on Sunday in Minnetonka, MN put out by the Minneapolis Spiritualism Meetup Group.  Now, I must admit that I blindly joined a whole host of meetup groups and have ignored just about everything that came into my inbox from Meetup from that day forward, but for some reason this one caught my attention so I decided to actually venture out of my home on Sunday and go to it. Wow. Was I ever glad that I did!

First off, on the way there, we actually drove right by it. Miles by it. We were busy excitedly chatting about a new business idea for Cirkla (as we often do, Eric and I) and finally realized that we had gone too far, so we flipped around. On the way back, we passed by this really cool looking market and wellness center and I said to Eric, “We have to go back there when we are done with this expo thing.” So then we started looking at the street numbers again and laughed when we realized that the place that we saw was where we were going! Apparently, neither of us noticed the big signs on the side of the street that said “Health Expo”. My bad.

My expectations were minimal, to be honest, outside of the treat of getting to see the place that looked so cool from the outside. After all, it said “Mini Health & Wellness Expo” and when I looked at the list of six people that said they would attend on Meetup, including myself, I did not expect to see anyone there, really. So we walked into a room and there were only about ten booths, I was not surprised.  But, after all, I was just here to meet a few business owners so a small room with ten booths was fine by me as they would have more time to talk to me.

What I didn’t realize was that there were about four or five OTHER rooms full of booths … each room chuck full of some really cool people doing some really cool stuff! Talk about under-delivery! Wow. The “market”, which isn’t officially opened yet by the way, is a juice bar and a kitchen that will employ a real chef. What a treat!

So, I digress. Sadly, I once again forgot to bring my camera in from the car so I have no pictures to show you, but I am going to go back to the beginning to tell you who was all there that I met. My apologies for those that I did not meet because you will miss a free plug. (Patrick Weseman, where were you?) As I said, there were a lot of rooms and lots more people and it would be impossible to get to everyone. So here we go…I hope that you find some interesting tidbits in this list! Please share this article with others or “Stumble” it if you find it valuable!

SFQ (Spring Forest Qigong) – Spring Forest Qigong is a center in Eden Prairie, MN, run by Master Chunyi Lin. They have an SFQ Annual International Qigong Conference coming up from May 7 – 10, 2009.  If you have an interest in Qigong, I would recommend checking them out. They also had CDs and a book with information on Qigong to learn more about it. One thing that was interesting about their center is that they have study groups for the students to get together and practice. Being a martial artist myself, I know that having others to practice with is a great way to stay with your training and, from what they told me, Master Chunyi Lin is a great teacher.

Isha Foundation – We spoke with Elsa and she mentioned that her foundation is giving away a free talk on May 6th at the Doubletree Hotel in St. Louis Park, MN. This free talk is to introduce the teachings for the Inner Engineering Program. She also had a really cool looking book for sale called Midnights with the Mystic. The story behind the book is that, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev stayed with the author, Cheryl Simone, as he was doing one of his retreats. In the evenings after his retreats Cheryl and Sadhguru would take her boat out to a little island and talk around a bonfire. This book is her story of how that experience transformed her life. It sounds very interesting. You can order it on Amazon. She even had a testimonial by Deepak Chopra on the cover, so it MUST be good.   🙂

One of the people that I definitely did want to meet at this expo was Steve Fillmore. We are friends on Facebook, probably on Twitter as well and he is part of my Cirkla Community, but we had never met. So today I finally met him. I also met his business partner, Michael Dyda, who makes soaps out of essential oils through their company called MistExotics. Very cool.  Eric picked Michael’s brain about soap making and how its done.  Michael is obviously very knowledgeable in that area! Steve is the marketing genius behind their company as he has figured out the key to social networking – to be EVERYWHERE online!

We then met Giovanni Riva.  Giovanni is the Wellness Director of The Center for Harmonious Living and the Living Waters Market and works alongside of Tom, Mark and Kari who run the place. The “place” is really amazing. If you have a class or workshop and need a space, you should really connect up with Giovanni.  You can call him at (952) 938-1929 to book a space or get online to their website and see photos. Everything is very clean and beautiful there with some great spaces to host your event or class! The Living Waters Market has a juice bar and a kitchen to cook up some food so you could even have a workshop with the possibility of having some decent food and drink available! Wouldn’t that be fun? We also met Ron Clausen. Ron works with Intelligent Quantum Solutions and sells jewelry and other items that has the effect of balancing your energetic systems.

Then we met two women – Tammy Johnson and Marilee Keating. Tammy uses her experiences and understanding of the Core Passions work learned by Lori Palm and Wes Hamilton to do Intuitive Consulting using the Core Passion concepts, while Marilee does Therapeutic Counseling, which incorporates NLP and other techniques to help change your belief patterns from the inside out.

Debbie Burns was the next person I met. Debbie is the Director of Operations with Semerit: Body Centered Vitality for Life, so she suggested that the best way to get to know her company was to listen to the free talk given by Dr. Michele “Semerit” Strachan. Semerit was such a treat! In just one short 20 minute session, she revealed some amazing truths about how our bodies “speak to us” and inform us of what we need to know in our everyday lives. Semerit leads courses and workshops around the Twin Cities and has CDs available to help others learn her work.  She was really incredible to see. She is offering a training class called Body Centered Vitality to be offered on Monday, February 23rd at The Center for Harmonious Living from 7 – 9 PM. Check her website for future trainings if you miss that one.

Last, but certainly not the least, was Paula Quinlan. Paula is our resident “Transformation Ambassador” and she and I talked a bit about her microscopy work that deals with understanding the health of your blood cells and she showed me her new drums that she has been making with her drumming classes.  Each drum has special meaning and, when used, helps Paula to “drum up” (sorry, couldn’t help myself) certain qualities that are within herself. Speak to Paula if you want to learn more about her drums or her life-changing microscopy.

Well, that was my visit! It was SO much fun. Be sure and stop by the Minneapolis Spiritualism Meetup Group if you want to know more about events such as this (and meet some of the individuals behind it)! It was really incredible.  Thank you so much to Tom, Mark and Kari for putting this wonderful center together to give people a chance to really give the community a taste of what is available.

For those of you just tuning, please stop by and visit my website, Cirkla! We do a lot of fun projects like this to help PROMOTE the businesses in our community and throughout the world that are interested in raising the consciousness of the planet.


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Saturday by Elvissa on Flickr

Saturday by Elvissa on Flickr

I noticed something today as I was adding my blog, Cirklasphere, to numerous blog directories… I noticed that I was putting my blog under the category of Alternative Health and I really haven’t written about health much at all! My website, Cirkla, is about alternative health but I have not written about health in my own blog.

When I thought about it, I realized that I really have been neglecting my health lately. In an effort to build my new business and to make a name for myself on the internet, I have really stopped taking good care of my body.

Yesterday, a girl at work had cooked up a big bowl of veggies and was eating them and I was practically drooling over them. So I went home and cooked myself a veggie stir-fry (since I had the house to myself anyways) and it felt great.

So tonight I want to introduce you to some of the wonderful bloggers that I met throughout this evening while focusing on health. One blogger referred to this sort of thing as “Link Soup” and I would love to give credit but have no idea how to find that site again. Fortunately, I have bookmarked a majority of the sites that I found on my new toy, Diigo.

So here goes… my edition of “Healthy Link Soup” —

  • First, I came across Liz Turtle and ahhh! I found the “Link Soup” reference! How delightful…Liz is working on losing weight through the Weight Watchers program and she is documenting it (bravely) on her website, TurtleProgress.com. She even has a little chart of her progress, which is great for us people who love to watch people (what are those called again?)So I hooked up with Liz on Facebook and Twitter.  It is really smart to display your social profiles on your blog! I love finding new people to befriend!
  • Then I somehow (?) came across this video called “The Gratitude Dance“, posted on jungleoflife.com – super fun! Everyone should dance now and again, and it is a great way to lose some weight while you are being grateful!
  • Next, I found this great blog where Sagan is challenging herself (and the rest of the world to the 100 Reps Challenge. Each day in December, Sagan is posting a couple of exercises to do 100 times. Check out her site to get the gist of it. I’m in, Baby! Sagan makes me WANT to exercise.

    Oh, and one last thing… I was thinking about starting some sort of healthy eating routine and then I said to myself, “Oh, with the holidays and all…” but then I realized that we are talking ONE day of Thanksgiving (done) and ONE day of Christmas. The rest is just a party here, a cookie there… no big deal! So I am going to start doing something. I have already started by eating a wonderful stir fry last night and by eating veggies for lunch today. Yeah, me!

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    OK, I missed the memo for the last 10 years or so, but I finally did attend the Barebones Halloween Show, a free show that is playing TONIGHT AT DUSK for the last time (this year) at Hidden Falls Park on the East Side of the Mississippi River near Ford Parkway…

    Not sure what tonight’s performance will be like, but last night we went and it was really cool. First of all, it was OUTDOORS – so if you are thinking of taking a last minute jaunt (Local Minnesotans need only apply) to get out tonight and do something fun, make sure that you dress appropriately so you can enjoy it. One guy last night had a t-shirt on… come on… a t-shirt?! What was he thinking? I had, for once, thought ahead enough to bring a blanket, mits, hat and warm clothes and I was SO glad I did. And it really was pretty nice out last night.

    Let me just say this… if you are looking for a PLAY that has a story to it, you may as well stay home with your warm little blanket on the sofa. The story was kinda hard to follow. It was more enjoyable thinking of it like you were going to the Walker Art Museum and looking at it from an artistic perspective, which was pretty cool. For the majority of the performance, you are seated on these hay bales… yes, hay bales for seating. Lots and lots and lots of hay bales. So it is FLAT. Not necessarily ideal for performance viewing if you are sitting about in the middle! But they had that handled. The performance actually takes place from all sides. They use light and fire (because it is dark outside too, by the way!) and they were very creative in the puppetry, which is really their big thing. The fire stuff was cool, too.

    My favorite part was afterwards, though. Since it was pitch black outside, they had lights strung everywhere and somehow they had pulled together a full band to generate swing music and all of the wonderfully costumed people were moving together in the dark! Basically, an outdoors dance in the dark! Totally cool. They also were giving out very hot soup. No, they weren’t selling soup. They were giving out soup. I don’t think that I have ever seen that before. It was really neat and added to the community feeling of the whole thing. They also had two bonfires going where you could warm your hands if you had forgotten your gloves. All in all, I really enjoyed this event! Kudos to the people at the Barebones Theater for putting this together for everyone!

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