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Moving Day…


My new blog is integrated into my website, Cirkla.  I hope that you will stop by and subscribe to my new blog!

My new blog site – Cirkla Notes


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My New Thing..

Today was the first day of an amazing new project and I am so excited to tell you about it! I know… I’ve been saying that a lot lately, but it is true. Today I interviewed Annie B. Lawrence on BlogTalkRadio!


Annie is absolutely amazing. I interviewed her as part of a new project for my website, Cirkla, to take a deeper look at some of the incredible people who do the work of healing around the world. I have had SUCH fun meeting and talking with these fascinating people and so I wanted to find a way to share them with the world.

This interview is an hour long…a bit long to be sitting at your computer, but one thing that is fun about audio is that you can listen while you are browsing other pages or doing other things. You can also choose the Download option and burn it to a CD to listen to in your car or on your MP3 player. I highly recommend a listen! Not just because I am the “hostess with the mostess” but because Annie is SUCH A TREAT TO LISTEN TO!

Canyon Meditation by Iandeth on Flickr

What did we talk about?

Being new at interviewing, I OF COURSE had a laundry list of things to talk about.. I was a little nervous because I really wanted you, the listener, to get some cool stuff out of it and, at the same time, I wanted to give Annie a chance to tell the world about what incredible work she is doing with her retreat center. Annie made it so easy! She is an incredibly talented speaker and she added such a wonderful depth by sharing her personal stories of finding her own power in her life and her struggles to find herself after being raised in an environment that was not very supportive of her intuitive nature. She talks about the relationships between men and women and how we all need to strike a balance between our feminine and masculine natures in order to bring wholeness to the relationship.

Well, that is all that I am going to tell you. You are just going to have to have a listen. Give yourself just ten minutes with it and quit if you want, but just warning you that you may as well plan to take the hour because you’re gonna love it. Please add some comments when you are done with it.

If you want to learn more about Annie B. Lawrence, you can find her on her website at www.retreatandheal.com.

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I am Just So Psyched!

This post is a continuation of my latest article on Cirkla. You might want to read that first and then come back… go ahead… I’ll wait!


OK, so you’re back! Awesome. I am just FULL of energy today. Bouncy. Eric, my fiance, may be thinking that I have gone off the deep end but he is pretty much just laughing at me. I believe that I am like this because, when you know something really good, you tend to just *itch* to tell people about it! That is how I feel about the people that I met yesterday. For those of you who have participated in expos and shows around healing and metaphysics, you may already know what I mean. It is like a supershot of caffeine without the edginess! lol…

Anyways, I have a lot to write about so I best get started. I am going to start by saying that IF I MISS ANYONE, I apologize. I want to write about everyone that I met and what they are up to but I met so many people that it would take me a year to tell you everything I learned about them. One of the things that stuck out for me yesterday is how powerful and FULL OF HOPE these people were. Such a contrast to what has been occurring in the public domain lately (news media, etc.)


Where it’s at is..                HOPE.          MANIFESTATION.               OPPORTUNITY.

I always go back to the Chinese character that means “crisis”. In the Chinese language, the character for “crisis” is the exact same character for “opportunity” and THAT IS WHERE WE ARE AT. We all, as a nation and as a global entity, have an opportunity to make things happen and it is very exciting to be here in this moment.

Here is a list of who I met and what they are about. Please take a moment to click over to their websites and learn more about them!

Valerie Lis – As I mentioned in my Cirkla article, Valerie is helping a lot of people these days. She was responsible for putting the panels together at the Healthy Life Expo this weekend. Valerie also teaches in the Integrative Health and Healing Program at the Anoka Hennepin Community College and she runs Courses for Life, a company dedicated to helping people through EFT and Silva Method trainings.

Susan Just – Susan Just teaches hypnotherapy. She also does public talks and her next one is coming up February 6th entitled “Emotional Healing & Rewarding Relationships: A Call to Love”. This talk is being sponsored by the Intuitive Forum, which Valerie Lis is also involved with, along with Kathryn Harwig. During these Intuitive Forums, there is a speaker (Susan Just this month) and then Kathryn Harwig does channeling. Check out the Intuitive Forum website for details.
Michele Bergh – Michele was a joy to meet.  She runs a networking group called Lodestone Networking that both Valerie Lis and Paula Quinlan belong to (and many more…just not sure who else yet! lol..)  Lodestone Networking sounded like a great way for people to meet other people locally. If you have a healing business, you may want to check them out at www.lodestonenetworking.com. Michele also does a form of healing work called ThetaHealing through her company called Infinite Light Wellness Center.

Deanna Reiter – Deanna Reiter is a dynamic person who is deeply involved in yoga, pilates and rebirthing in her business.  She has also written two books, the most recent of which involves the “Nine Scoundrels” – nine characteristics that keep us stuck in unwanted patterns and she speaks nationally about using affirmations that she has brought forth in her first book entitled, Dancing with Divinity. Deanna’s website is www.dayawati.com .
Phil Bolsta – As I highlighted in my Cirkla article, Phil has written a book called Sixty Seconds. Sixty Seconds is a compilation of stories told through interviews that Phil conducted with 45 well-known authors and visionaries in the field of personal growth and healing. Phil’s blog entitled Triumph of the Spirit at bolstablog.com, continues that way by telling inspiring stories that capture the depth that people live in their everyday lives. I loved re-meeting Phil. It was also fun talking with Phil about social networking because we both agree that social networking is an amazing avenue to share your work with the world!
Judith Froemming – I have met Judith a few times now at a few different shows, but this was the first time that we were able to really get a few minutes to chat. Judith is a very deep and thoughtful person whose work involves helping people to take pause in their lives to capture the moments between the breath. She said that it is in these moments that we are able to access a choice in who we want to be in that very moment. Judith holds workshops entitled “How to Become a Formerly Serious Person” in the Twin Cities area and is currently working on a book about that topic as well. You can find more information about Judith at www.infinitemindhypnosis.com.
Mary Treacy O’Keefe – Mary was a lot of fun to meet. Mary started a non-profit organization called Well Within. Well Within offers low cost healing services to people impacted by serious illness. Mary has also written a book entitled, Thin Places. Thin Places are places where the veil between worlds are thinnest and here she writes about the loss of her parents and how the thin places comforted her family through their greiving processes.

Gina Citoli – Gina Citoli has created “A Cabaret of Consciousness”, described as “The Extraordinary One-Woman Musical About a New Kind of Humanity”. Gina has been involved in the local metaphysical community of the Twin Cities for many years now, presenting herself as an artist and an intuitive tarot reader. She was a lot of fun. Gina’s next show will be taking place at the United Methodist Church of River Falls, WI. Contact Gina at www.GinaCitoli.net to find out more.
Tina Johnson – Tina and I have met each other a few times over the last few years, but this weekend was the first time I got to really spend some time with her. Tina has a great outlook on life and is challenging people to expand beyond their current reality through her intuitive work involving the FIFTH Dimension. Yeah, the fifth! How fun! If you are interested in exploring the fifth dimension with Tina, you can find her at the Mind Body & Spirit website.

As I said, I met a LOT of people yesterday and unfortunately I cannot write about them all but let me just mention the remaining lovely souls I met – Sherokee Ilse who works with people dealing with the grieving of the loss of babies; Cheryl Hiltibran – a life coach extraordinaire;  John Peterson – an intuitive reader who is well loved in the intuitive community;  Wes Hamilton – who shared a beautiful story of how he discovered numerology during the Healthy Spirit panel; Hanakia Zedek – who weaved wonderful tales of his childhood discovery of metaphysical principles ; Kristin Burich – a lovely and smiley colon hydrotherapist who was browsing the show with her sister; and finally, Paula Quinlan – one of my favorite peeps who is just about always there, wherever there is a crowd of people gathering in the name of health and wellness.

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Tarot Tag

Tarot - Old Gypsy Caravan by Mark Hillary on Flickr

Tarot - Old Gypsy Caravan by Mark Hillary on Flickr

I saw a Twitter post by @TarotbyArwen and followed her link to find out what Tarot Tag was… turns out, it is something about listing seven things interesting about yourself.. or 25 things, not sure… I will stick to the seven as this is easier. (I suppose I can’t count laziness as something interesting about myself?)

So here goes… SEVEN things that are unique about me! If you are reading this, please either post seven things interesting about yourself in the comments or add a link to your seven things in the comments so we can pass it on!

  1. I read tarot cards, but in a very different way. I am not your “traditionalist” when it comes to tarot, I just look at the cards and say whatever comes into my mind. It can be pretty interesting sometimes!
  2. My fiance, Eric, and I are both internet junkies. We like to sit on our couch with our dueling laptops and play online, watch movies and generally waste a LOT of time just finding amazing people and links.
  3. When I was a kid, I used to have a book about how to survive in the wilderness. I would love to try doing that someday. Eric also had a similar idea growing up. Maybe we will live in the woods someday in a small hut.
  4. I love walking on the lakes in the wintertime, especially at night. I live near a quite large lake and it is very beautiful at night. I have also vowed to love winter more. Winter gets a bad rap!
  5. I live in a tiny house. It is little, cute and mine. We live in a great little neighborhood in the tiniest house around.
  6. When I walk in the woods, I can feel the energy of the trees. It is hard to explain it, but I can feel their beingness. It is pretty cool. I also get lost sometimes and it feels like they are trying to keep me there, but not in a scary way… in a good way.
  7. OK… last one. Alright, I am really good at Scrabble. When we were growing up, Mom used to always beat us and now that we are older, we are all pretty evenly matched. (My mom and my sisters and I.) When Eric met my family, he actually won a few games. I was impressed.

I know that this is a pretty basic list, reading through it, but I am just a pretty ordinary girl. It will be fun to see what others have written. Are you up for the challenge?

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I wrote a guest blog for Jenny Mannion this week. Rather than tell you what I said, here’s the link. Check it out!

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Snowy Tree by Hogart on Flickr

Snowy Tree by Hogart on Flickr

I have been browsing the internet today, checking out new websites and looking for people who might be interested in joining our Cirkla Directory.  I just browse and look for interesting websites and then I write to them and tell them about Cirkla. I find some really interesting people and places that way, so today I would like to share with you a couple of new sites that I found…

One is a guy named Warren Grossman.

I first browsed his links page and it was a lot of fun. You get a real sense of the guy just by looking at his links page! Being a person myself who really loves the woods, trees and nature, I liked him immediately. I especially liked the part where he talked about having shoes that are like feet to stay grounded. In the summertime, I so prefer to go barefoot! There is something about being barefoot on bare earth that is so wonderful! (Unfortunately, though, not in Minnesota winters!)

Then I went to his Services page to see what he does. On this page, he has a cool video explaining his healing work. He has a very unique approach to healing. Check it out!

Then I found The Farm Community

Another great site was for a place in Summertown, TN, called The Farm Community . Wow. This place is like out of a dream! In fact, when I was a little girl my parents took me and my younger sister to a farm like this one. As a young girl growing up in the mid-70s, that place was like a hippie-peace-sign-love-fest. I totally loved it. We played group games and had so much fun. All my life, I have dreamed of having a place like this. Healthy community. The Farm has done it. They have natural building workshops and weekends where people can come and just enjoy the nature and good living that a community-centered farm can offer. In fact, it seems as if some of the individuals home offer bed and breakfast services for people wanting to visit the farm. Be sure and check out some of their videos on the Press pages.

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just figuring out ping.fm…

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