I wrote a guest blog for Jenny Mannion this week. Rather than tell you what I said, here’s the link. Check it out!


I read recently that one should focus their social networking on just one or two sites in order to be “visible” on the web for business. (I wish I had saved the page where I read that so I could give credit!) Anyways, so I was wondering… which network I would choose?

A few come to mind as my top favorites. Definitely Facebook would be amongst them. And Twitter. But then there are so many others! I also really love StumbleUpon. I find that StumbleUpon and Facebook really get the best quality links to my site. In other words, the people who visit my site from Facebook and StumbleUpon tend to stay a bit longer and browse a bit before leaving. I can tell because I use my Google Analytics to watch the behavior. But Twitter is also one of my favorites. I am not a frequent Tweeter, but it is a great way to meet people and pretty easy to use.

So since I decided that Twitter would be one of my top 5 (I cannot just do three!), I wanted to learn more about how to use it so I found a man named Dan Hollings (www.danhollings.com) who can be found on Twitter at @dhollings – Dan has some really cool stuff to help people use Twitter.

Dan is virtually a Twitter Genius…Here is a synopsis of some stuff he led me to for those with little time to follow links:

* Twittersplit – a cool concept that allows you to split your Twitter links so that the page displays a bit of your company as well as the link you intended
* Top 100 Twitter Tips – A very extensive list of tips for using Twitter
* Twitip – a website designed to give you tips for Twitter!
* Twitter Toolbar – download this toolbar to help you learn more about Twitter and some very cool links for those of not cool enough or knowledgeable enough to find our own!
* FriendorFollow.com – a website designed to help Twitterers figure out who is following who

The Supreme Distraction

Meditation #42 by Good Karma on Flickr

Meditation #42 by Good Karma on Flickr

My sister has said that I am like a magpie. I easily get distracted by the myriad of things available to me. The internet for me is The Supreme Distraction.

I took a few days off from the internet when I went up north to my fiance’s family. Dial-up is not really even worth mentioning so basically they don’t have internet. Although I enjoyed myself, it made me realize just how much I use the internet in my daily life, particularly in my business – Cirkla.

The last few days I have been browsing directories and looking at websites. I am constantly amazed at how endless they are and how wonderful it is to find so many people that are interested in alternative health, green living and spirituality! Literally millions. I could never, ever, EVER reach the bottom!

What does this say for the business owner (like myself) who has a target market similar to mine? To me, it says, “NEVER GIVE UP.” Sure, these are tough financial times and people are generally tightening their belts, but it is very encouraging to know that there is an endless supply of people that you can talk to about your business! Even if you have a local business, the people that you find on the internet can add more sales to your everyday business!

I recently have a written a series of articles designed to help the business owner who is interested in getting started with using Facebook to build their internet presence. Check them out!

Snowy Tree by Hogart on Flickr

Snowy Tree by Hogart on Flickr

I have been browsing the internet today, checking out new websites and looking for people who might be interested in joining our Cirkla Directory.  I just browse and look for interesting websites and then I write to them and tell them about Cirkla. I find some really interesting people and places that way, so today I would like to share with you a couple of new sites that I found…

One is a guy named Warren Grossman.

I first browsed his links page and it was a lot of fun. You get a real sense of the guy just by looking at his links page! Being a person myself who really loves the woods, trees and nature, I liked him immediately. I especially liked the part where he talked about having shoes that are like feet to stay grounded. In the summertime, I so prefer to go barefoot! There is something about being barefoot on bare earth that is so wonderful! (Unfortunately, though, not in Minnesota winters!)

Then I went to his Services page to see what he does. On this page, he has a cool video explaining his healing work. He has a very unique approach to healing. Check it out!

Then I found The Farm Community

Another great site was for a place in Summertown, TN, called The Farm Community . Wow. This place is like out of a dream! In fact, when I was a little girl my parents took me and my younger sister to a farm like this one. As a young girl growing up in the mid-70s, that place was like a hippie-peace-sign-love-fest. I totally loved it. We played group games and had so much fun. All my life, I have dreamed of having a place like this. Healthy community. The Farm has done it. They have natural building workshops and weekends where people can come and just enjoy the nature and good living that a community-centered farm can offer. In fact, it seems as if some of the individuals home offer bed and breakfast services for people wanting to visit the farm. Be sure and check out some of their videos on the Press pages.

just figuring out ping.fm…

Paula Quinlan's Open House

Paula Quinlan's Open House

Last Sunday, I went to an Open House at my dear colleague, Paula Quinlan’s home. If you don’t know Paula, she is amazing. Paula is a super-charged businesswoman who is all about keeping you healthy and saving the planet. She does a majority of her work with a company called Amazon Herbs and she told me a bit about what she is doing there. The Founder of Amazon Herbs is John Easterling and he has built his business model around saving the rainforest. When I talked with Paula, she was really excited about this. Through her business with Amazon Herbs, Paula actually has been able to earn herself a piece of the rainforests to help save them! How cool is that?

She also had some brownies at her open house that were very delicious. I can only assume that it was partially due to these brownies that Paula gets her fabulous energy? I have included the recipe here for you, but you really need to check in with Paula for the ingredient called “Power Shake”… that is one of her special products through Amazon.

Amazon Power Brownie recipe (with Paula’s modifications!!!)

½ cup unsweetened cocoa (powder)
1 stick butter

¼ cup olive oil
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour (50/50 blend)

5 Scoops of Power Shake
3 eggs
1 tsp maple extract

3 really ripe bananas
½ cup chopped walnuts (or choice)

Preheat oven to 325o. Mix ingredients together, one at a time in order listed. Lightly grease 8”x8” pan, spread in brownie mix, bake for 35-40 minutes.

If you want to get a hold of Paula for some of that Power Shake stuff, she can be reached at (651) 772-6971 or by email at paula@transformationambassador.com. Her website is http://www.transformationambassador.com. You may have to stand in line for some of that Power Shake, though. Be warned.

Sending out all those press releases for Cirkla website is starting to pay off! We got written up in our local holistic paper, Edge Life magazine. Yeah! Read the Write-Up