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OK, I missed the memo for the last 10 years or so, but I finally did attend the Barebones Halloween Show, a free show that is playing TONIGHT AT DUSK for the last time (this year) at Hidden Falls Park on the East Side of the Mississippi River near Ford Parkway…

Not sure what tonight’s performance will be like, but last night we went and it was really cool. First of all, it was OUTDOORS – so if you are thinking of taking a last minute jaunt (Local Minnesotans need only apply) to get out tonight and do something fun, make sure that you dress appropriately so you can enjoy it. One guy last night had a t-shirt on… come on… a t-shirt?! What was he thinking? I had, for once, thought ahead enough to bring a blanket, mits, hat and warm clothes and I was SO glad I did. And it really was pretty nice out last night.

Let me just say this… if you are looking for a PLAY that has a story to it, you may as well stay home with your warm little blanket on the sofa. The story was kinda hard to follow. It was more enjoyable thinking of it like you were going to the Walker Art Museum and looking at it from an artistic perspective, which was pretty cool. For the majority of the performance, you are seated on these hay bales… yes, hay bales for seating. Lots and lots and lots of hay bales. So it is FLAT. Not necessarily ideal for performance viewing if you are sitting about in the middle! But they had that handled. The performance actually takes place from all sides. They use light and fire (because it is dark outside too, by the way!) and they were very creative in the puppetry, which is really their big thing. The fire stuff was cool, too.

My favorite part was afterwards, though. Since it was pitch black outside, they had lights strung everywhere and somehow they had pulled together a full band to generate swing music and all of the wonderfully costumed people were moving together in the dark! Basically, an outdoors dance in the dark! Totally cool. They also were giving out very hot soup. No, they weren’t selling soup. They were giving out soup. I don’t think that I have ever seen that before. It was really neat and added to the community feeling of the whole thing. They also had two bonfires going where you could warm your hands if you had forgotten your gloves. All in all, I really enjoyed this event! Kudos to the people at the Barebones Theater for putting this together for everyone!


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