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I have just spent the last hour following little juicy tidbits through link after link, blog after blog… I am just so in love with blogging! If you should come across this page, and are considering starting blogging, take one little piece of advice I might offer as a veteran-less-than-six-month-old-blogger_hahahaha… COMMENT! I was just blogging to the air until I actually figured that out. Comments are the new forums… not that forums are dead… it is just that comments are so FUN!

Here are some reads from this evening… I can in NO WAY link them all! But I will definitely pay attention in the future! I find a lot of them through my lovely tweeps on Twitter these days! And through other blogs!

Jungle of Life (Lance) Lance is a classic… he is also a great commenter…is there a word for that? Is it commentator?

ISayUSay (Henie) Henie is a new blogger and definitely worth her salt. Also into photography.

Dreambuilders Australia (Liara) Liara’s collection is HUGE. You could get lost in here. Very metaphysical and health oriented. Fun.

Mommy Mystic (Lisa Erickson) What a joy! Lisa wrote about Gangagi in this post.

Tongue in Cheek (Corey) I normally stick to blogs about health and metaphysical, but there is something about this one that I just love. Maybe it is the decorator in me? Maybe the world traveller… whatever the case, Corey is a treat.

About.com Holistic Healing (Phylameana) OK, I may be really looking green here, but I just LOVE the idea of a carnival. Such brilliance! This woman is the Master of Blogging Carnivals!

These are just a FEW that stood out to me today! Have a great week everyone! And don’t forget to LEAVE A COMMENT!


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This is my 11th blog. I have been faithfully posting them weekly. I must admit that I write them at different times throughout the week, but I always post them on Wednesday mornings. Today is Monday but this is the longest I’ve left it til writing the next one. The next one is due out in about a day. Perhaps I will write two or more of them this week to catch up.

When I started this thing, I felt a little apprehensive of committing myself to a weekly blog, but as I read other blogs I understand that my weekly span is a little on the light side. Some people blog daily or at least do several a week! (Where am I going with this, I might ask myself… nowhere, really… except to say that it is not easy. And I am pretty new at this.)

That is NOT to say that I don’t think of a million things to write as I am driving, brushing my teeth, cooking dinner, etc. I even have a battered up piece of paper in my work bag that has some ideas of things to write about. But today, perhaps, I am paying homage to those without words.

I did eventually buy that magazine called Artful Blogging that I referenced in the last post. In fact, I not only bought it but I read it cover to cover. I loved it. Not only (and mostly) for the inspiring artists and wonderful photographs posted within it but the flavor of the people they picked. Such dear people. Almost all of them said how much they loved their comments and how they got to know so many incredible people through their blog and through their art and most of them had used their blog to demonstrate their talents to the world. I love that.

So here I will make another (deep breath) commitment to you, dear reader, whomever you are.. my NEXT post will contain a photo or two of MY art. I did say (in my last post) that I wanted to be artful and, in considering that and after reading the Artful Blogging magazine, I realized that I already am…. just a little. So I will share a bit. Just a bit cause that is all there is at the moment. But what fun is that, huh? So don’t lose that station… come back next Wednesday to see my art. And thanks for listening. I would love to hear from you if you are paying any attention to my drivel. Add a comment and introduce yourself. Or, if you’re shy just send me an email at amyjewell@cirkla.com.

Til then!

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