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I have just spent the last hour following little juicy tidbits through link after link, blog after blog… I am just so in love with blogging! If you should come across this page, and are considering starting blogging, take one little piece of advice I might offer as a veteran-less-than-six-month-old-blogger_hahahaha… COMMENT! I was just blogging to the air until I actually figured that out. Comments are the new forums… not that forums are dead… it is just that comments are so FUN!

Here are some reads from this evening… I can in NO WAY link them all! But I will definitely pay attention in the future! I find a lot of them through my lovely tweeps on Twitter these days! And through other blogs!

Jungle of Life (Lance) Lance is a classic… he is also a great commenter…is there a word for that? Is it commentator?

ISayUSay (Henie) Henie is a new blogger and definitely worth her salt. Also into photography.

Dreambuilders Australia (Liara) Liara’s collection is HUGE. You could get lost in here. Very metaphysical and health oriented. Fun.

Mommy Mystic (Lisa Erickson) What a joy! Lisa wrote about Gangagi in this post.

Tongue in Cheek (Corey) I normally stick to blogs about health and metaphysical, but there is something about this one that I just love. Maybe it is the decorator in me? Maybe the world traveller… whatever the case, Corey is a treat.

About.com Holistic Healing (Phylameana) OK, I may be really looking green here, but I just LOVE the idea of a carnival. Such brilliance! This woman is the Master of Blogging Carnivals!

These are just a FEW that stood out to me today! Have a great week everyone! And don’t forget to LEAVE A COMMENT!


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